At UDC we want to make sure all of your questions are answered prior to enrollment. Below are some frequently asked questions we’ve received from prospective applicants. If the question you’re looking for isn’t listed below, one of our instructors will be happy to assist you.
You do not need to renew your Utah State Dental Assisting Certification or your Utah State Radiology Certification. However, in order to legally operate as a dental assistant in the State of Utah you’re required to be CPR certified once every two years, according to OSHA regulations.
While in the state of Utah it is not required to have a dental assisting certification to work in a dental office, prospective dental assistants often find that any extra training and experience can go a long way in helping secure a more stable and lucrative position.
Every dental assisting graduate is required to complete a certain number of internship hours in order to graduate. Because this is considered part of the coursework, internship hours at any Platinum office are unpaid. However, students are free to secure internship hours at any Utah dental office.
Because UDC is strictly a vocational program, you will not receive transferable college credit by completing this course. However, many of our students use this program as a stepping stone for a more advanced education in dentistry, as many university dental programs favor applicants with existing experience in the dental field.
Due to the length of the course, we only allow one absence per student. The missed material due to absence can be made up by attending an additional class.
All of our classes are held in many of our Offices throughout Utah County.