Job Stability

While the economy tends to be in a constant state of flux which can greatly affect the bottom line of many industries, dentistry has the benefit of remaining largely unchanged by external circumstance. No matter what changes in people’s lives, dentistry is a service that will always be needed.
As a dental assistant, it remains relatively easy to find employment due to Utah’s high number of dentists per capita compared with the rest of the country. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth outlook for dental assistants and dentistry as a whole is extremely positive, with growth between 2010 and 2020 predicted at 31%. This is in no small part due to the baby boomer generation reaching an age in which their original teeth may need increased care and maintenance.

Career Growth

As the dental industry continues to boom, many of our students choose to enroll in our program as launching point for further dental career advancement. Many of our graduates go on to become dental office administrators, dental hygienists, or even dentists themselves. Working as a dental assistant can be a great way to grow acclimated to this type of work environment, or to ensure that this field is right for you.
While the state of Utah doesn’t require that dental assistants receive special certification to work in the field, many prospective assistants are discovering that a certification is more important than ever to remain competitive. With Utah’s bustling dental care industry, it becomes a necessity to set yourself apart from the thousands of other people vying for the same job. Our assisting program is specially designed to provide graduates with the specialized knowledge to easily find a job in Utah’s market.